Paper Hands

Paper Hands

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  1. SnooLentils9854

    I think the internet needs to come together to not share this meme.

  2. Dennisaryu

    Dude leave my man Brendan alone. Not cool.

  3. domotor2

    Brendan is amazing, this meme is lame.

  4. VindicareJC

    Delete this, the man does not deserve this bullshit.

  5. SneezingPenis

    Brendan is a bigger Chad than all us fucks combined

  6. SnookyMcdoodles

    This post breaks the price discussion rule of this subreddit and should therefore be removed.

  7. bionicmichster

    No. Not cool.

  8. Soubi_Doo2

    The poor guy went through a lot in his life, dude. Read up on it. I’m so glad he is coming back and making movies again.

  9. SojuSeed

    Yeah, I’m not normally one to pile on someone like this but this is not cool, yo. Brendan Fraser is an awesome guy and doesn’t deserve this sort of meme treatment. You really should take it down.

    Edit: typo

  10. Same-Joke

    Damn why you gotta do Encino Man like that?

  11. shotty293

    Fuck OP. Frasier’s been through a lot.

  12. lompattaja

    I’m still holding. When I bought eth was about 370$

  13. hellocharlie

    Leave. Brendan. Alone.

  14. Savant_7

    Fuck you OP.

  15. Don-Al-Two

    At least still alive

  16. Symbaaaa

    Unconstructive and poor taste

  17. bitwise-operation

    I hope my bag gains are of proportional size

  18. g2g079

    I mean, I haven’t sold but yeah… Losing half my money ain’t much fun either.

  19. Mr_Tommy777

    Don’t worry guys 1 Brendan is still worth 1 Brendan

  20. lostharbor

    I don’t know what’s trashier this post or your responses like you actually care.

  21. em2391

    Meme sucks. Brendan is one of the few good guys in Hollywood. Sad he we was sexually abused by Hollywood elite.

  22. c-i-s-c-o

    dumb af. how is this 175 points upvoted? lamers.

  23. HaaaaaammmGurl

    Fuck you OP

  24. Zeke_Smith

    Don’t get it

  25. Fair_Hospital_8600

    Are these pictures real ?? Did he actually get like that ??

  26. AcapellaFreakout

    For the last time.

    Paper hands = Good. Means you walked away holding money.

    Bag holding = Bad. Means you were left holding the bags.

  27. Kooky-Picture-932

    How did r/ethereum become the cult of Brendon Fraser. I’m so OOtL

  28. FormatException

    Patton Oswalt is ratatouille

  29. Forgiven29

    Buy the pig skinny, sell the hog fat for Christmas dinner.

  30. Cbergs


  31. bleibengleich

    Poor guy. He’s a good person.

  32. lunar2solar

    Ok.. I have to go to the gym immediately.

  33. Sof04

    Reminds me of Kathleen Turner and Angelica Houston.

  34. IlleaglSmile

    Yup bought skinny sold fat.

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