Only 39% of eth nodes are ready for the London (eip1559) hardfork?

Only 39% of eth nodes are ready for the London (eip1559) hardfork?

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  1. Mathje

    I think it’s quite normal that lots of the nodes aren’t updated until just before the upgrade, that’s what I remember from several previous forks.

    My personal node is ready though, running geth v1.10.6

  2. couchfi

    source: [](

    Anyone know what this means? 11 days till the london hardfork and according to this tracker, only 39% of eth nodes are ready for the upgrade. What are the risks if this number doesn’t significantly increase by then?

    (not trying to spread FUD, just came across this and want to understand)

  3. ihcn

    OE users are probably waiting for an actual release, instead of a release candidate, which will hold back adoption until that’s ready.

    No guesses for what’s going on with geth besides procrastination.

  4. AusIV

    For this particular release, it may not be as bad as it looks.

    I’m assuming that they count Geth v1.10.6 as ready and Geth v1.10.5 as not ready (likewise with Erigon and Nethermind versions before the recent consensus issue).

    But the consensus issue that came up last week was sort of a “soft” consensus issue. Geth v1.10.5 would accept blocks that Geth v1.10.6 considered invalid, but there are no blocks that Geth v1.10.6 will produce that Geth v1.10.5 would consider invalid. Thus, if you’re running Geth v1.10.5 **and not mining**, you’re very unlikely to have an issue with this. So long as the majority of the network’s hashing power are mining with the corrected consensus rules, the nodes with the incorrect consensus rules will stay on the correct chain. You could go back as far as v1.10.4 with the `–london-override` flag and come through the hard fork just fine, so long as the majority of hashing power is on the right side.

    That’s not to say you shouldn’t try to update to v1.10.6 in time for the hard fork, but if you’re on v1.10.5 or even v1.10.4 with the `–london-override` flag set correctly, you’ll most likely be fine.


    So, I checked [](, and it appears that they consider v1.10.5 to be London ready, so it probably is about as bad as it looks.

  5. S0litaire

    They have probably learned by experience that a Hardfork hardly ever goes of without a hitch that requires at least one patch within a few hours of going live…

    So they’ll probably wait till the last min to upgrade 😀

  6. namdoogsleefti

    This is concerning.

  7. mooremo

    You’ll see a ton of these nodes update about 5 days before it goes live. The large operators are running the release on a few nodes to make sure it works, but they don’t update all of their nodes until closer to go live in case their is a last minute patch so they don’t have to update multiple times which brings its own risks.

  8. ALiteralHamSandwich

    Maybe you don’t upgrade until it’s ready to go live?

  9. Competitive_Put_4421

    Or just buy classic! Jk I own both!

  10. Sir-Emik

    ETH 2.0 won’t be up & running until 2023-2024, clearly stated by the company

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