JPMorgan releases Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum funds to its customers

JPMorgan releases Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum funds to its customers

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  1. NabyK8ta

    Not necessarily bullish. JP Morgan are masters of manipulating a price legally or otherwise. Look into their manipulation of silver for a real eye opener.

  2. SnooRabbits4992

    bitcoin cash?!?!?! hahaha

  3. coinfeeds-bot

    tldr; JPMorgan Chase has opened up Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic fund offerings to its retail customers. The bank is the first major US bank to provide digital currency funds to all clients in the wealth management division. However, consultants will not be allowed to recommend cryptocurrency products.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  4. reddit_1999

    So Jamie Dimon was/is full of crap? I’m shocked, SHOCKED!

  5. Killakoch

    If theres money to made, the big banks will be there.

    I shared the same sentiments as Dimon once upon a time until I did research. I waited on the sidelines a long time. People can change their opinions.

    I agree with one of the other posters that JP Morgan are notorious for manipulation. Guess its to be expected though. The whales will play their games.

  6. Airwin-Apollo11

    Last time this happened the used futures to sink price.

  7. parvicus

    My real concern is that JP and the other institutions are going to sell these funds and they are not going to be backed by the same amount of crypto. Similar to what is/has occurred with institutions that were selling paper GameStop and AMC shares. I could see them selling BTC, ETH, BCH what they don’t own. Somehow they may be able to get away with it from the magical, ‘it’s not a security loophole’, that is going in the XRP suit.

  8. pkennard

    Bitcoin Cash?? In other news Ford is re-releasing the Model T.

  9. fullofbadideas

    Lol weren’t they staunchly anti-crypto like 6 months ago?

  10. jtsai943

    Next headline- “jamie dimon goes all in on eth”

  11. piperinum

    Now hows about that ETF huh?

  12. piperinum

    Speculation for sale from asshatMorgan.

  13. SusGreen

    Ewww bitcoin cash.

  14. Sir-Emik

    Regulations will tame Bitcoin
    Ever since this bull run made global headlines, regulators from around the world have been focusing their efforts on the crypto markets. While some compliant projects will survive, the majority are in for a harsh reality.
    While regulators already know that regulating Bitcoin will be hard, if not impossible, they have something else they are going after. Stable coins.
    In the near future, countries will adopt strict policies that restrict stable coins like Tether, and USDC from engaging in certain activities such as money laundering, and price manipulation. While these regulations will be overall beneficial to the community in the long run as it eliminates fraud, they will still likely have a negative impact on the prices of many assets that are dependant on stable coins.
    Countries have been hinting at regulations for many months now, so don’t be surprised when they are eventually introduced. Just last week, America’s largest financial regulators met to discuss stablecoins, with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasizing “the need to act quickly to ensure there is an appropriate U.S. regulatory framework in place,” for these digital assets.
    In addition, the government has dozens of other options to tame Bitcoin. They can shut down centralized exchanges, ban Bitcoin mining, ban citizens from trading Bitcoin, restrict internet access to certain crypto platforms, and be more strict with KYC/AML requirements.

  15. FunCryptographer4761

    Bankers are here to protect us! Bankers: “ want some Bitcoin Cash!”

  16. Sir-Emik

    1. Failure as a Payment Method
    Many might praise Bitcoin for its innovative features, but what’s so innovative about having higher fees and slower transaction times than any bank on earth? When this is mentioned, Bitcoiners will quickly change the subject to the fictitious “lightning network”, which is a typical red herring fallacy.
    Contrary to popular belief, the Lightning network is NOT Bitcoin. It’s a fully centralized system that isn’t settled on the BTC Network and can only sustain less than 0.00001% of users, which means it will never work on a large-scale population. It’s a common distraction BTC promoters use to avoid the elephant in the room, Bitcoin is expensive, slow, and unscalable.
    Fun fact: Bitcoin processes less than 4.6 transactions per second, while Visa does around 1,700+ transactions per second on average. Even with less than 1% of the world having dabbled in Bitcoin, we’ve seen so many instances of scalability issues, imagine what would happen on an even larger scale?

  17. Substantial-Soft-642

    Did you forget ethereum classic is also in there. I ❤️ etc

  18. Sweet-Zookeepergame

    Dogecoin is next.

  19. b_whiqq

    Bitcoin cash? Excuse me what?

  20. rootbank

    BTC cash? Why?

  21. spin_kick

    ok, so we love banks again lol

  22. Koolaidolio

    Something tells me JPM might not be around anymore.

  23. Sir-Emik

    For those that don’t know, Tether is a stable coin that’s guilty of running the largest price manipulation scheme in history. They essentially print billions in unbacked dollars, use corrupt and unregulated exchanges like Bitfinex, and Binance to purchase coins, then pump Bitcoin when they chose.
    Considering around 80% of the volume of the market is transacted with Tether, there’s no justification that the current price accurately reflects Bitcoin’s true value, which I believe is far below the $7,000 price range.
    Without Tether, Bitcoin would be significantly lower. And that isn’t just a conspiracy theory, we’re witnessing it in real-time as Tether hasn’t printed in nearly 2 months, and the prices have effectively tanked and flatlined.

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