Wait for it… Crypto with Kunis

Wait for it… Crypto with Kunis

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  1. raviloniousOG

    Ashton chilling with the goat

  2. alchemist3978

    Hahah this is great content

  3. ironmagnesiumzinc

    Do all rich people just know each other? Lol

  4. E737Josh

    Oh wow so many babes


    Ashton quizzing the hottest person in the world about crypto. And Mila Kunis is there, too.

  6. HooAwayy40980

    She hot af

  7. jjvg-fr

    Shut up Meg

  8. Nyxeme

    Too long of an answer Vitalik!

  9. LeMattN

    This needs to be in r/unexpected lmao, great!

  10. Brimmert

    He can call Vitalik his baby? Now I’m jealous

  11. WhatsATrouserSnake

    I changed my downvote to an upvote at 0:56

  12. jsnacraig

    Omg I love this!

  13. ioWxss6

    Vitalik is a babe.

  14. LikeLust

    Can’t tell if this is an edit or not

  15. Royces_2xr

    Bro Ashton is the Pokémon king! And damn it be cool to chill with them

  16. anurat-

    Yeah, that makes sense.
    Nod Nod

  17. -uTz-

    Vitalik inception

  18. QQQQup

    Just bought another ETH

  19. d2a0r0i2

    Shut up Meg!

  20. pacificoipes

    That explains it 100%

  21. aykevin

    It’s nice to have 2 babes

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