Elon Musk admits he holds Ethereum

Elon Musk admits he holds Ethereum

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  1. RemovedReddit

    Is there a no one cares bin for this?

  2. RFV1985

    Jack Dorsey @ 8:37: “but when I saw Bitcoin in 2009”

    This guy did NOT see Bitcoin in 2009.

  3. Cbizztho

    why do people on reddit suddenly hate Elon? is it because people are irresponsible and based their investments on tweets and realized it’s not a good way to make money? have they forgotten about the past 30 years of Elon’s worthy success amidst all the bullying from big corporations and the oil industry? why do you hate Elon? because you’re a sardine just following the next dipshit? lol think for yourselves you quacks Elon is the least of our worries there are much worse rich people out there

  4. norbert-the-great

    Fuck Elon Musk

  5. Itchy-Acanthaceae841

    We really should stop listening to apes.

  6. Zen1_618

    who cares

  7. stalliono69

    i know we all love bitcoin or is it just me or is he referencing eth at around the 27min mark. He mentioned layer one, moving it to layer 2, the evolution of decentralized finance… defi. ETH

  8. AcapellaFreakout

    … is everyone is this sub stupid? He’s been talking about Dapps since like 2019. like did yall just get into crypto or something?

  9. politicsareshit

    Elon needs to keep focusing on Mars and electric cars XD,we don’t want him in Blockchain

  10. upperechelon1

    Yup me too

  11. Warm_Ad_Plus

    That’s correct and DOGE too

  12. loadblower831

    great. time to sell

  13. CORedhawk

    Hey! Me TOO!

    And no one cares….

  14. TryAgn747

    Was there really anyone that though he didn’t??? Likey owns some of every coin.

  15. Representative-Sun47

    No shit

  16. ex-machina616

    Jack been doing all the mushrooms

  17. rgdit


  18. Cfgp13

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo worst notice ever

  19. mdgart

    oh i see, still talking about him, fuck you

  20. Scarrus

    Of course he does because, of course he does :)))

  21. joel2000ad

    Oh great! No one needs to know. I hope keeps quiet about it. He can go play with his shitcoins, fuck Elon!

  22. NoAct9852

    Elon musk should be given Noble price to hold eth

  23. Chairman1978

    Wow , much shock

  24. Eggssgge

    Just wait for him to try and crash Eth in a years time on twitter good job no one with any sense listens to him… the clown should be locked up for playing games with other peoples money for his own benefit


    Musk is no longer relevant. His time has come and gone.

  26. piperinum

    Give no F’s about what Mr. Grifter has to say.

  27. irodoku

    1. Announces he bought ethers
    2. Prices ramp up
    3. Sells at 5k
    4. profit (only for Musk)
    5. Prices drop 80% after a mysterious whale sold millions in a day

  28. acemachine123

    Anyone who cares about what billionaires hold is moving away from decentralization. Stick to the Ethos of crypto. Miss the good ol days of crypto where most were using it with liberatarian ideologies, now its all about pump and dump

  29. SnooLentils9854

    Get this shit off the air waves

  30. ninjabanned69

    This is bearish eventually, soon.

  31. Dismal_Branch_4704

    This is the worst person on the planet that I would want to endorse any type of crypto. In 6 months he will be slagging it off, to run the price down. He should stick to hes dog aweful coin.

  32. Gr0und0ne

    I mean he probably has a bag of all different kinds of shitcoins. Putting $10k into everything in the market is like putting pennies into a piggy bank when you make millions an hour.

    Also, can Musk hurry up and jet Mars, and never come back?

  33. banderwocky

    Down voting because fuck this guy

  34. punx926

    This piece of shit only invested to make sure he can control the market and people like you and I don’t get rich. That’s what it feels like anyway..?this guy could not lift a finger for the rest of his life and be more than ok, and his 10th generation of kids too.

  35. BeyondExcellent

    Elon musk is gay

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