I sent $7,901.11 to this “USDC contract” address by mistake. I have no idea how this address got switched with the one I thought I copied. Can anyone help tell me what this address is or who owns it?

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  1. No-Hold8210

    Might’ve been that copy and paste virus that’s going around. Someone made a post about not a few days ago. I know it doesn’t help but Sorry this happened to you man!

  2. DarthBorg

    Always send a lil and confirm ; good luck on getting your money back.

  3. intotheEnd

    You need to get antivirus immediately. That’s a common virus/malware.

  4. hinzinho

    Ouch. Sorry that you lost $8k. What kind of wallet did you use for the transfer?

  5. Datacruncha

    You probably have malware on your computer that alters the copy and paste. It’s a pretty common issue unfortunately. Just run malwarebytes and you’ll know if that’s the problem. You’re playing with a lot of money so you have to be more cautious about your security. I would advise just having a hard drive or laptop with linux and only using it for crypto. No emails, web browsing, etc.. Be careful what you connect metamask to and you should have it connected to a hardware wallet because then you would have to check the address and approve the transaction on the physical unit.

  6. ThadCastlePhD

    Oh man, I doubt you’ll get that back, sorry to tell you. And also, don’t use clipboard. That shit can easily be switched if you have malware on your computer

  7. fuzzypyro

    Check your extensions. Also triple check when it gives you confirmation. I recently found a unofficial tab tree extension for vivaldi was causing my transactions to swap out addresses when you actually submit any eth addresses while using a wallet connect app.

  8. GKQybah

    If you transferred through your browser then check your browser extensions. Also run a scan with malwarebytes. Probably you have some malware on your pc. Sorry for your loss :/

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