DAOs are the Last Puzzle Piece for Tokens in Gaming

DAOs are the Last Puzzle Piece for Tokens in Gaming

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    tldr; A GameDAO is a decentralized, internet-first collective of game developers, designers, and artists that coordinates the creation of gameplay items using crypto-first tools. The DAO generates revenue by selling these items in-game or on a marketplace. Members of the DAO generate demand for the items by integrating them into their games.

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  2. ky_LR

    1. As a designer, how do I get involved in this? Is there a group or project starting to form?

    2. Does this mean mmo (games, like wow or RuneScape) economies are going to have real world economic impact? If so/not, why and to what extent?

    3. The only resource I know of for a project similar to this is: https://dissrup.com … it’s a design agency creating an nft based project, focusing on fashion and gaming

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