I’m studying “Mastering Ethereum”, just so excited to have found this community and amazing technology. Great quote: “Ethereum’s groundbreaking innovation is to combine the general-purpose computing architecture of a stored- program computer with a decentralized blockchain, thereby creating a distributed single-state world computer. Ethereum’s programs run “everywhere”, yet produce a common state that is secured by the rules of consensus. “

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  1. tristamus

    Yup, great quote.

    When folks ask what Ethereum is, the most layman terms you can say is “it’s a world-computer that you can build apps on with a custom programming language, and it’s unhackable.”

    I think that covers the gist of it without getting too tech-jargony.

  2. jeffog

    Its a good idea in theory. In practice, it’s not so great…yet

  3. __Mudd__

    This is genuinely the best ELI5 for Ethereum that I’ve seen.

  4. shittyBOXER

    You cryptobros extolling the virtues of the coming world changing nnovation that ethereum is to bring are as disingenuous as the 20-something men who insist they read Playboy for the articles. You’re in it for the speculation hoping you can make some big money. Greed is good, quit gaslighting others pretending to be freaking Jonas Salk.

  5. Nervous-Treacle8049

    Icp is crazy better than eth tho and i own 25 eth but once you learn what icp is youll start to question if eth will actually be here in a decade

  6. mankinskin

    Yes but there are better implementations of this same thing already, namely Solana. Crypto folk should stop being religious about tokens and should mainly look at the practical utility of the underlying technology.

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