Folks, what are you doing right now? Buying? Selling?


EDIT: How long do you plan on holding for? Months? Years? Whats’s your end game?

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  1. tokyo_engineer_dad

    You won’t know when it’s truly the bottom of the dip until it’s not the dip anymore. That’s how it works.

    The truth is, you have no idea what the ceiling is either. It’s not infinity, obviously, but will the adjusted ceiling be higher than the current dip price? If it is, no matter how much you spend, you’re ahead if you hold.

    But think about this, when the price tanked from $1200ish to sub $200 in 2018, you needed to be *really* patient to see it bounce back. Do you think the people holding then had an easy time knowing they lost almost all their temporary gains?

    You think any of them are kicking themselves for selling low then, looking at the price now?

    Never invest in something unless you’re comfortable losing all of it, or dumping it and seeing the price sky rocket. I sold part of my lot back when the price was $1200 a few months ago because I was moving. Would it hurt you knowing if you waited a couple months, you would’ve had over $10k instead of just a few grand? If it would hurt you, you shouldn’t be in crypto. Full stop, sell what you have, move on and don’t look at it in the news anymore. Because crypto will kill you long before you “figure it out”. It doesn’t hurt me. I could care less. I wanted the money from selling part of my lot at the time and I have my financial portfolio spread out in other areas.

  2. Dependent-School4765

    Selling is FOOLISH the thought has never even crossed my mind, will be buying more here soon fosho.

  3. 3akef

    Watching the Elon vs Crypto shit show. He is still fucking rambling. I think not doing anything right now is best. Just watch.

  4. TofuRancher

    I bought the dip, I’m not a maximalist for any coin but think that there is a ton of potential for ethereum. Defi is not going away, stable coins are not going away, NFTs are not going away. All these things run on ethereum and their users need ETH.

  5. mr-poop-stain-6-

    Buying the dip and hodling until at least 2025

  6. sgranada

    I bought a couple thinking it was the dip…. It wasn’t… I guess those couple ETH are staying there for the long term

  7. mXgibskn

    Yep, but it keeps dipping; lots of FUD

  8. brock_h

    100% staked. Years. Let’s go to $2K I need more

  9. dharmaroad

    Waiting a little longer — I expect the market to keep dipping/rising for a few weeks now. Hoping to get back in around 2800 or lower. I sold it all at 3800. Don’t have much cash so I bought MATIC and AAVE until I feel ETH is worth the returns again and has stabilized. I understand it’s value as ultra sound money but I am hoping for better returns on those. I wish everyone the best. Please don’t roast me too hard.

  10. dunnmines


    Go check 2018 chart noobs, this might be it

  11. bowiebowbo

    Pro tip for you only ether chuggers out here. Buy the fucking dips. Eth is awesome and we all know it but we will really know it by 2022-2024

  12. ilikedevo

    I’ll go back in at 2700.

  13. metal_bassoonist

    After I pay my taxes, the rest of all my fiat is going in.

  14. Avatar252525

    I hope it goes lower tbh. I’d love to buy and stake even more

  15. LividLamb

    Of course

  16. noodle_stab

    Buying / Staking . Endgame is to fully take advantage of ethereum network as it and when it rolls out.

  17. char11eg

    Lovely discount this weekend, isn’t it?

  18. puppysiouxp

    As soon as funds from RH transfer! Hope I don’t miss the dip too much.

  19. EnclaveAdmin

    I’m in ETH for the long haul.

  20. fostersauce09

    My endgame is a spaceship granted to me by the AI alien overlords

  21. The-sauceman710

    BUYING MORE , then holding in a wallet gaining 6% interest

  22. TooooDeep

    The guy used investors money it buy Bitcoin then 180s on it. He’s proven time and time again he doesn’t care for his investors. Why would anyone hold tesla shares. Garbage overpriced shares. It’s worth more than all car companies combined!

  23. Nateno2149

    I do nothing until the money number becomes a bigger money number that make me happy then I sell.

  24. CategoryTurbulent114

    I brought 2 weeks ago during the dip. The one that turned out to not be the real dip.

  25. StrangeAgo

    I staked all my ETH, added to it, and I am HODLing. If it dips into the 2k range, I will definitely buy another handful. No way would I sell.

  26. calebthebrave


  27. duh_metrius

    I will DCA weekly for years.

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