Silver Raid on 4/20

Silver Raid on 4/20

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  1. herrrrrr

    going to be needing more than a cig. You wanna be holding rifles and shit.

  2. G_2_tha_money222

    Literally me… (I have a fancy hat)

  3. adriano_silver

    OK dumb question, but why 04/20 this time? Is it another contract expiration or something?

  4. DJCurrier92

    Ape raid 4-20!!!

  5. LouisDesyjr

    I am reminded of Dave Ramsey view on observers verse participants in economic disasters. A person that has no savings and living ‘paycheck to paycheck’ in any economic disaster, recession, or depression is a participant in that event since they are one of the people caught up in all of it. BUT, a person will little to no debt, spends less than they make, and has savings or real money, is an observer and can choose what they want to do, if anything. They can either simply sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else in all kinds of chaos, or they can take advantage of the deals that present themselves and get all kinds of bargains on assets at firesale prices.

  6. pnwhomebrewer

    God damn it. I already have spent so much fiat already. Been going ham the past two months oh well fuck it. More silver here we come!

  7. spartanburt

    This seems like something you might see in my ancestral land of Poland.

  8. L0sT_S0ck

    Looks like I’m gonna be forcing usps and fedex to a race then

  9. Ledger-X

    Hahahhaha yep

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