Morgan Stanley had $911 million in first-quarter losses tied to Archegos fund meltdown

Morgan Stanley had $911 million in first-quarter losses tied to Archegos fund meltdown

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  1. masterofmoneyzz


  2. unreal37

    “Money well spent,” they say.

    “Money burned up in smoke,” I say.

  3. nicelogin

    morgan stanely was pretending to be slick and saying they had no losses and others were bag holders.

  4. SkeletonKnickers

    Citadel is next.

  5. winstonmacgregor

    Which Wendy’s does Bill Hwang work at? I want to leave him a generous tip and a good review with his manager

  6. BeardlessPete

    And this is why I got on edge when they recommended Tesla a few days ago. I don’t trust them at all and any time they talk about stocks I own part of me just wants to sell them.

  7. Fun2badult

    When you owe the bank $1000, you have a problem. When you owe the bank $900 Million, Fuck the banks

  8. Ill_Bowl_9946

    They’re probably short on clover too. Seem to remember reading that they’re connected to Hindenburg as well

  9. TheyWereGolden

    They still blew out the quarter. Crazy

  10. chunkybrownsauce

    LOL ape nation!

  11. PancakeBatter3

    Holy moly

  12. shroomenheimer

    I can’t help but laugh every time I see Bill Hwangs face. Absolute legend

  13. Davidmeynard

    Better call some margins to get that back. Maybe from some AMC shorters.

  14. No-Evening-6132

    This might get important . Is Morgan Stanley depository securities for AMC stocks ? Does someone know?

  15. Miffers

    Thanks Bill

  16. Harhuge

    Love me some Friday loss porn.

  17. cuddly_canadian

    Lost $911 so far

  18. Latter_Constant_3688

    And we thought DFV had some balls

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  20. unlogix420

    They just rebought into VIAC today at 39$. So did a bunch of banks. They are slowly gonna make their money back.

  21. marine_guy

    Not even a billion. Peanuts for MS

  22. mal3k

    We need a loss porn thread for all these

  23. lackinsocialawarenes

    Are they going to need another bailout?

  24. DoABarrelRoII3

    Billy my boy

  25. Latter_Constant_3688

    He said he trades for God. Aparently God doesn’t like greedy bankers

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