I thought it WOOD be cool to make an Ethereum piece to go with my Bitcoin one

I thought it WOOD be cool to make an Ethereum piece to go with my Bitcoin one

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  1. ScoobaMonsta

    How about a Monero one next?

  2. RightBlacksmith9

    Awesome !!!

    Very cool.

  3. tyjeh1994

    Absolutely Amazing! I will buy this machine when crypto gains come.

  4. SDOps1

    Where can I buy them ? You should sell them.

  5. triptoutsounds

    Das pretty koo

  6. Independent_Vast4545

    Wood: The future of NFTs

  7. 3rdeyesight710

    I wish I could do cool things

  8. MoonRaker2020

    Well done!

  9. C-Dawg420


  10. Leotyk

    Man that’s some great work there.

  11. CC_Panadero

    Very cool!

  12. WrightEngineering

    HNNNNG do want. Much cool.

  13. mydogandme19

    That is amazing!!!

  14. Kennedymomma

    Wow your amazing

  15. DynamicManic


  16. shrmzyyy

    Make me one I need this so bad 🙁

  17. Hodlhodlhodlhodlhoho

    Those are so cool. Would you ever think about selling your work? I love it.

  18. ninous_

    Doge next! Please!

  19. Past_Ad4157

    That’s pretty awesome

  20. TheGeneYouKnow

    Is that… a home made CNC cutter? That is amazing

  21. BOOM_I_Do_Dat

    Awesome! Very cool. Will check out your etsy

  22. lou_solverson

    That is awesome

  23. WiseCapitalOrg

    fine job, I can imagine what you could make using different materials and designs

  24. -lightfoot

    That’s sick. Can i buy one?

  25. fractalfern

    Do you sell these?

  26. jeywgosjeb

    Sell these for money….



  28. faintingoat

    can you make one with iota, please?

  29. Zealousideal_Bid2511

    Well done

  30. Billy_T_Wierd


  31. SpendLoose


  32. Kennedymomma

    Can you do like portrait of people ? Thanks

  33. toasttotheroast

    That’s amazing

  34. EmuFlaky2922


  35. internetmonster

    People have such talents!

  36. toby555551

    Do you know if there are any cad files of the logo? I wanted to make a light out if the Ethereum logo and I don’t want to less up the proportions

  37. Chrisryanyoung


  38. TheBuilderDrizzle497

    Imagine if and/or when our extinction comes, and humans are searching through the rubble and debris after earth was struck by meteors, and they just find a bunch of NFTs. NFTs paintings, artwork like this.

    Imagine that they think we worshipped these cryptocurrencies?

    I really think this is dope by the way! (Your wood work, not the alien thing)

  39. Limitsofapproach

    Is your router controlled by a PLC?

  40. KornTofu

    I don’t think crypto is supposed to be a personality

  41. the-kensei

    Searching WOOD ticker… picked up a few trillion. Thank you for the financial advice.

  42. CellarAndShed

    Can the machine go back over and level out the epoxy or do you need to hit it with a hand plane/sandpaper/etc?

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