Happy DFV day y’all

Happy DFV day y’all

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  1. Lumpy-Leather2151


  2. midline_trap

    Nice 10 bagger

  3. Abject_Resolution

    If he’s still in… I’m quadrupling up.

  4. New-Manufacturer-465

    This GME/AMC thing is like a reverse lottery. In a lottery, many people pay in to reward a few. In apeland, a few pay out to reward the many. I like this better. CONGRATS

  5. ViridiSeptem

    Whats going on with your wifi connection?

  6. balkso

    Thank you for your service

  7. begopa-

    Nice. Now get out of Robinhood bro

  8. Sir-Intellectual-WSB

    This is the way!

  9. Kitchen_Resident_819

    How it’s done son

  10. Volume_Heavy


  11. ymyoon88


  12. Besthookerintown

    Nice job

  13. branch723

    Good play! See you on the moon!

  14. Thelandofthereal

    Impressive. Very nice. Now let’s see DFVs gains

  15. Uncoordinatedninja

    DFV day should be a national holiday

  16. DrunkSpartan15

    4/16 is the new 420.

  17. Resident-Coach-786

    DFV, is that a stock?

  18. Robert_A12

    THIS IS THE WAY!!! letsgooo

  19. Technical_Success987

    3 cheers

  20. USDA_Organic_Tendies

    Take some profit and buy a new router

  21. higguns23

    Fuck you and congrats!

  22. Cletusjones1223

    Fucking legend! Have a good life

  23. winethemantyler01


  24. eyecasper

    Congrats and fuck you

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