We are now 51000 Silverbacks!

We are now 51000 Silverbacks!

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  1. AG47_2021

    good shot, when were 100k, take 100oz bars, please

  2. tataycarabao

    Is it so very wrong that when a saw the pic , immediately thought wow this guy has 51000 oz. ?????, Lately my brain is in silver gear as primary mode LOL!!!

  3. SilverRich2021


  4. mangleduntangled

    cool, yeh that was quick

  5. Apollo__Aegletes

    Slow and steady adoption, this will be a real movement if and when 10% of the 3m WSB, add this sub to their daily.

  6. m94asr

    many will become life long stackers – silver is highly addictive

  7. SevexMx

    51k, and my Silver Award on top 🙂

  8. JSheldon29

    Very nice bars those !!

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