In response to popular demand, Andrew Maguire will be joining us for an AMA on Tuesday (23rd) of Feb 11AM EST (4PM GMT)

Andrew is internationally renowned for his unique ability to read the precious metals market, with his specialist knowledge and experience gained over 40+ years trading in financial and commodity markets — he is the expert in these highly complex and competitive fields.

Andrew is regularly featured in international media and documentaries, and is guest speaker at national and international conferences. Andrew’s quotes are constantly used on numerous blog sites around the world as well as his whistle-blower evidence and lobbying to bring market manipulation to the attention of the world’s media — being the topic inside many financial publications and paperbacks.

We look forward to answering all of your questions!


Here are some links to some popular interviews featuring Andrew as well as links to his regular live from the vault series where he analyses the precious metals markets.

[Ep.31 Live from the Vault]( – Reddit silver stackers attack the COMEX – What’s next for silver? – 11 Feb 2021

[Ep.30 Live from the Vault]( – Silver Short Squeeze special – What’s really driving the market run – 1 Feb 2021

[Arcadia Economics]( – DOJ Told JP Morgan To Reduce Silver Position – 9 July 2020

[Kesier Report]( – Keiser Report: New Intl Gold Order (E927) – 14 June 2016

[King World News]( – Western Banks Now Close to Panic – Take Unprecedented Action in Paper Gold & Silver Markets – 24 November 2017

[Full documentary]( – [The Secret World of Gold]( – July 2013

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