Accidentally YOLO’d into Tesla P $6 thinking they were $600

So I live in the UK and last week I used IG to buy 125x Tesla put 600 Jan 22. That was £1000. My student loan. Everything I could afford and still pay rent. When I bought them the buy price was 8.5 and sell 0. Yes 0. I thought that was because they were just so far OTM. Today I watched Tesla tank and neither the buy or sell price moved. I looked at some of the other Tesla options available on IG (there’s only a really random assortment available, not a whole chain). I realized they were all 10000+ and calls at 60000 were something like 5x the price of puts at 60000. I’m now convinced that for some stupid reason IG prices option strikes in cents for equities (I have traded VIX options with them before and they’re priced in dollars). So I’m 99% sure I just YOLO’d into $6 puts. I can’t sell them cause they’re worth exactly 0. I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid. Guess I 💎✋with my only hope being Tesla going bankrupt (I think they’re overvalued but never going bankrupt). Wish me luck I guess. Fuck me

TLDR: spent all my savings on Tesla $6p Jan 22 thinking they were $600p Jan 22


Edit 1: I’m currently on the phone to IG and the guy is insisting that they are for $600 and IG don’t have any for $6. I’m trying to explain that it’s impossible for them to be for $600 pls help.

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